C is for Concreate

Hi, I’m Gavin from Lloyd Marsden and we are market leaders in marketing innovation.

Lloyd Marsden are constantly striving to find the next trend in flooring, and we have been lucky enough to be way ahead of our competition with concreate.
The newest most innovative, hardest wearing environmentally friendly product to grace our showroom in years.
Basically it’s made from magnesium, it’s waterproof, fire proof, non conductive, slip resistant even when wet, easy to maintain using a simple flooring grade oil, sound proof
When fitted you can hit it with a club hammer and you won’t dent it or break it, it even absorbs co2 during its life making it totally carbon neutral.
Lloyd Marsden will soon be  installing 1700 sq ft of concreate including a massive 100 amp underfloor heating system into a very contemporary  apartment in north London, all for a celebrity hair dresser, whom I can’t name.
We seriously believe that our showroom is like no other you have ever been to , so if your in the area please pop in for proper bean to cup coffee, or tea and take a look.