Wood Floor Sanding in Surrey – Specialists in Wood Floor Restoration and Renovation, Ascot

Lloyd Marsden offers wood floor restoration and sanding in Ascot, Farnham and the surrounding areas of Surrey. We recognise that you may want to keep your existing floor but want to correct some imperfections or damage. We can repair all kinds of imperfections, from cracks, scratches, stains, gaps, and unevenness to broken or missing floorboards. Lloyd Marsden can repair and restore all types of wooden flooring, including hardwood, oak, pine, and parquet. You can find examples of our latest work in the projects tab underneath recently completed.

But we don’t just mend defects, our professional flooring renovation service will give your flooring a new lease of life.

Our state-of-the-art sanding machines are 98% dust-free and capable of restoring tired and worn-out wood floors back to their former beauty and youth of their natural state. When wooden flooring has gone through the sanding process it becomes porous and this leaves it open to being easily damaged again, adding the varnish will seal the wood and it leave strengthened and dirt resistant, making our services a worthwhile investment. We can apply a lacquered or oiled finish depending on your needs and can stain the floor any colour you want. Adding a layer of varnish will not only aesthetically change any floor but protect it by adding another layer of resistance. By the time our trained craftsmen have finished, your floor will look as it did when it was installed.

Whether you need your pine floor boards restoring, your parquet floor sanding or your school hall floor renovating by adding new markings and outlines for indoor sports courts, our services are for you. We offer a bespoke service for each project, whether it’s sanding, sealing, or varnishing we have the right knowledge and tools for you. At Lloyd Marsden, our experienced team in Surrey have more than 50 years’ experience renovating and renewing wooden floors for both domestic and commercial purposes removing all the wear and tear of everyday life from your flooring so it looks as good as new.

Alternatively, if you have flooring repair needs and a flair for DIY, we offer a hiring service for our sanding machines. More details for the correct service for your floor restoration are available from our Equipment Hire section. You can be assured we are using the best products and tools for each job combined with our expert craftsmanship we’ll have your floors back to being as good as new.

For any enquiries on floor restoration or wood floor sanding in Surrey call us on 07970 491384 or via our contact form.