Our child-friendly furniture solutions will help transform even the dullest room into an imaginative space that will look smart and be easy to keep tidy. Utilise unused spaces, increase storage and clean up quicker with our bespoke designs. At carpentry craft, we make it possible to have kids and a tidy house!

Clean up easier with a storage bench seat with the space underneath for pull out baskets or shelves. Or encourage tidy up time with our fun shaped storage shelves and creative wooden toy boxes. And our bespoke child size beds will get them jumping into bed much quicker, giving you more time to put your feet up.

If space is your concern we have plenty of space saving solutions. We can create fold away tables and chairs for play time or how about extra storage shelves on the wardrobe for those never ending clothes?

We can even recommend the perfect child proof finishes that protect the furniture and make spills easy to clean up, all whilst still looking great.