Having a bespoke kitchen designed for you means fitting the furniture around your requirements. Here at Lloyd Marsden we can maximise storage potential – whether it’s a tall, narrow pull out rack in that awkward space between your fridge and the kitchen door, or carousel shelves for those awkward corner cupboards.

Forget the faux under sink door and replace with a towel roll holder instead. And why not install under sink shelves to add another useful storage cupboard? Don’t worry, we’ll work around those awkward pipes.

No more reaching to the back of the cupboards with quick access pull out shelves and unit door storage. Slots for baking trays and chopping boards, holders for pan lids and hooks for utensils. The creative possibilities are endless.

Traditional or modern or even a mix of both, our vast range of materials and fixtures means we can build functional storage to your taste, regardless of your kitchen requirements.