B is for Broadloom

So I here you ask what is broadloom, in nutshell carpet that is either 4 or 5 meters wide, which is pretty much every carpet.

We supply and fit only quality carpets from great manfacturers and not mass produced Chinese rubbish that you will find in carpet right, it’s always 60% off because that’s how much it’s worth, and in most cases even that is expensive.

We deal with the… wool carpet company, jacaranda, new way, crucial trading all what we call in the trade better end carpets, not too expensive just good quality.

We have fitted carpets for aspire defense in the new build Aldershot garrison senior officers mess with an area over 2200 Sqm, Asperion hotel in Guildford, totalling 300 Sqm, several new build properties each worth in excess of £800,000 and of course thousands of residential homes in and around Surrey and Hampshire.