H is for Hygrometer

H is for hygrometer or moisture meter

A short story for you:

“Hi mister floor fitter, we just had an extension done, screed is nice and dry, we would like a wood floor fitted.”

“when was the screed laid?”

“Oh over a month ago now, feels really dry though”

“Yep should be fine, I can fit you in next week”

“Fine lets go with that then”

Two months later:

“Hi mister floor fitter, our wood floor you fitted has a big lump in it, it seems to have all risen of the sub floor, we got an independent inspector out, who tested the screed for damp, and guess what its damp over 90%”

Market research recently revelled that 60% of flooring companies do not check every job for damp before they fit.

To avoid this call with Lloyd Marsden we inspect every job for damp before we fit, on site inspection and immediately before fit, ensuring it is below 75% rh ,relative humidity no lumps or bumps, no creaks or gaps, just great floors and happy customers.

You’ll remember the quality long after you have forgotten the price