I is for Insurance work, a poem

I is for insurance work

If you’ve had a flood and your floor is now floating on you your ceiling,
call Lloyd Marsden they can fix it all, which I’m sure you’ll find appealing.

We can estimates the cost of replacing what’s wet,
by Fitting brand new flooring, is always the best bet.

We’ll remove and dispose your old sodden floor,
leaving your house to dry out from the down pour.

We work closely with big insurance names,
we make sure they are fair and don’t play games.

After all you have paid into your policy for years,
with Lloyd Marsden you’ll be looked after and not left in tears.

So don’t pull out your hair when waters coming through your roof,
by calling your insurance company who are trying to be aloof.

Direct them to us and we’ll tell them how it’s going to be,
the customer needs a new kitchen and flooring now you see.

So pay up so we can get the job done in timely fashion,
new kitchens and flooring fitted with care and passion.

We deal direct with most insurance companies, so you dont have to pay in advance,
leave the money chasing to us, bad insurers will try to lead you a merry little dance.

You won’t be waiting 90 days to get them reimburse,
your money is safe, secured tightly in your purse.

But why at stop floods, what about fires, and a teenage house party,
the whole range, from cheap budget carpet, right through to larty darty.