Wood Floors Farnham
We are a local company based in Farnham that offer a wide range of products for your flooring needs. We pride ourselves on not only being the friendliest company you’ll deal with, but also being competitively priced and affordable.

Wood Flooring Farnborough
Have you decided your living room is in need of an update? Would you like the latest brand of hardwood in your home? Are you looking to restore your wooden floors? If so, look no further than Lloyd Marsden!

Flooring Guildford
Do you live near Guildford? Do you need new carpet or wood flooring? If so, Lloyd Marsden is the company for you. We use only the highest quality materials and the best level of staff to complete every job. Our expertise means you can feel safe and sound in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving the best service possible for your money.

Wood Floors Surrey
If you are looking to get your flooring replaced and would like a fast, friendly and personalised service, call us on 07970 491384 or send us a message via our contact form.