Cleaning services oiled floors

Cleaning services

As I am sure you are aware your new flooring needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly in order for it to continue looking fantastic for years to come.

At Lloyd Marsden we offer a discounted annual cleaning and maintenance service when you purchase your new floor. We can carry this out at any time of year or bi-annually extra protection.

Why oil your wooden floor?

Oiled wooden floors need to fed yearly, this keeps up the level of protection on the floor stopping it getting engrained with dirt and patina.  It is imperative that this is carried out annually and sometimes bi-annually in heavy traffic areas i.e hallways, kitchens etc.

The process

The process is quite time consuming to achieve the desired outcome.

You must make sure that all furniture is removed from the room before commencing cleaning.

We scrub clean the floor using a rotary floor-cleaning machine and soap based cleaner.

Then we mop the floor several times and leave it to dry.

Finally, when the floor is sufficiently dry we apply 1 coat of 45% Pine nut flooring grade oil to the floor, leave an hour to dry then buff.

If the floor appears patchy after this, we apply another coat, leave to dry, then buff again.

Our Service

We offer this service at a square meter rate of £13.00 inc vat when purchased with your new floor.

Normally this service is priced at £16.00 inc vat per sqm when purchased after.

If you do decide to purchase the cleaning package with your floor, we will also continue to offer you the cleaning service at a rate of £13.00 per sqm there after.

How to do it

When you pay your deposit, simply ask for the cleaning package to be included in your final bill.  This will be added to your quotation and you will pay it along with the final balance on completion of your new floor.