Karndean Flooring Retailer Guildford

Do you feel like it’s time to change the flooring in your home? Are you looking to change the interior of your home, and want to treat yourself to a new vinyl floor? If so, look to Lloyd Marsden today as your number one Karndean flooring retailer in Guildford.

Naturally over time, carpets get worn and torn, especially in a busy home. Whether it’s the muddy football boots, dog prints, or remnants of when the children used to play with paint, carpets see it all. Whilst stains like these often remind us of the good times in a home, it’s an unsightly presence, and should be replaced.

If you’re considering installing vinyl flooring, why not go with Karndean? Their vinyl flooring is well known for its exceptional quality and durability. It comes in a wide range of design options such as stone and wood design, and is available as both planks and tiles. If you want a floor which is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing, then this flooring is for you.

Here at Lloyd Marsden, we are leading retailers of Karndean flooring, and are passionate about all things flooring. We’re a family run business with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals on hand to help.

Get in touch today via our website, or come and visit our showroom in Crondall.

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