Floor Restoration Services Guildford

How are your floors these days? In need of some repair and restoration work? A floor, such as a hardwood floor, can look as good as new again. All it needs is a little care and attention.

Floor restoration is a service we provide here at Lloyd Marsden. We realise that you may want to keep your existing floor. Perhaps you have old oak flooring which shows the patina of age and you don’t want to replace it? Or perhaps a relatively modern floor, which has seen a great deal of traffic, needs a little TLC?

Replacement isn’t always best, and it certainly won’t always be right for you. Floor restoration is sometimes the best option, as you get to preserve the floor you’ve come to love while ironing out any cracks, scratches or surface defects.

We can repair and restore all types of wood flooring. We also offer a hiring service for our sanding machines. Keep the floor you’ve got, but simply deal with any imperfections you don’t like.

Our floor restoration services are what you need.

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