Surrey Floor Restoration Services

Keen to restore and revive your floor? You like and admire your flooring still, but perhaps there are a few imperfections, scratches or stains which need removing? Perhaps your floor merely needs a little restoration attention?

Lloyd Marsden offers floor restoration services. We can repair and restore all types of wooden flooring, including hardwood, pine, oak and parquet. We also offer a hire service for sanding machines. So if you’re a wiz at DIY and would like to take the job on yourself, then we’ve got the sanding machine for it.

Whether you have a loose floorboard or a few dents, gaps and scratches, we can repair and restore, beautifying your floors to bring them back to life. Replacing a floor can be costly and inconvenient. There’s also no point in all-out replacement unless you can’t stand the sight of the floor anymore. If you’ve grown attached to it and can see the potential in restoration then you’ll be well-rewarded.

Looking for floor restoration services? Choose Lloyd Marsden. With our expert help you can restore and enhance your existing floor.