Floor Restoration Services In Guildford

Many properties have beautiful wooden floors lying under carpets. If you’re not sure whether a wooden floor lies beneath your carpet then you have only to lift up the carpet to discover it. Wooden flooring is highly sought after, and with a little floor restoration work this floor can be restored, cleaned and polished to offer a modern and stylish wood floor finish. It might be that you already have a wooden floor with carpets fitted on top. If your wooden floors are scratched, dirty or faded in colour then a little restoration should be enough to bring them back to life.

Beautiful, polished wooden floors can transform a home, making it more stylish and sophisticated while bringing warmth to a space. Aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to walk on, if your floors need restoring then Lloyd Marsden can provide the service you need.

Just one of the services we offer is floor restoration. With our help you can keep your existing floor but correct some imperfections, bringing your floors back to life. We can repair and restore all types of wooden flooring, and we provide a hiring service for our sanding machines.