Carpet Specialists Farnham

Keen to swap your hardwood floors for something softer and more comfortable under foot? Carpet comes top in terms of the material we choose for the home, and it’s not hard to see why.

Carpet is soft, forgiving underfoot, cosy and it creates a filming of warmth. It is also a useful material to choose for your floors if there are young children running about or the residents are elderly. Wooden floors are unforgiving if you slip over and fall on them, while carpet will always be smooth and soft.

We’re Lloyd Marsden, and we’re flooring specialists, but we’re also carpet specialists. Based on the Surrey/Hampshire border, the team at Lloyd Marsden has years of experience of installing flooring (hardwood, carpet and vinyl), while we also offer floor restoration and sub-floor preparation services.

Whatever your flooring needs, we can meet them. As carpet specialists, we can help you in your search for the ideal carpet or carpets for your home, taking into consideration your budget, preferences and practical needs.

Is it time to replace those wooden floors? Perhaps you simply need to change your current carpets? Look to Lloyd Marsden.