Jacaranda specialise in hand-made carpets made from natural, undyed, pure wool and woven on traditional wooden looms requiring no electricity. Their environmentally friendly processes lend an unrivalled authenticity and character to Jacaranda’s carpets.

Jacaranda’s range of carpets is divided into three groups:

  • Hand-woven carpets – the largest of Jacaranda’s carpet collections, boasting beautiful, natural colours and tones, handmade quirkiness, charismatic textures, and produced with minimal environmental impact.
  • Fine loomed carpets – chosen for their fine, top-quality textures and their environmental credentials.
  • Leather wall-to-wall – this collection of vintage and contemporary style rugs, stitched from real leather hide with a thick wool felt backing, can be fitted wall-to-wall to make a carpet.

Jacaranda Carpets Flooring Brand