Rustic Oak Herringbone Floor Fitted in Haselmere

When these clients came to us to refinish the hardwood floors in their 1900s Victorian home in Haselmere, everything about the project was in the wheelhouse of the Lloyd Marsden team’s capabilities.

There was only one significant challenge. Like in many older homes, the floors in this Victorian were far from level. One particularly troublesome spot was near the bifold doors in the rear of the home. The doors were higher than the floor, creating a substantial drop-off.

Fortunately, we’d overcome this challenge before. Our team quickly got to work, levelling out the floor and completing the project quickly and to the client’s extreme satisfaction.

In all, we installed 35 square meters of rustic oak herringbone block parquet, while keeping with the traditional style found in the beautiful Victorian home. The flooring ran from the kitchen and dining room spaces, and then out into the hallway and a downstairs water closet.

The project, which took eight days to complete, included site finishing and fitting the untreated oak onto the floor. We then finished the wood on-site, using a cutting-edge Lägler machine that produced no dust. This added to the convenience for the homeowners, who were able to continue living in the property comfortably as we completed our work.

For their part, our clients were thrilled with the results—especially with the fact that they no longer had to navigate an uneven floor. They were also pleased with how we finished the project ahead of schedule and refused to let any snags get in our way. They will now enjoy a beautiful hardwood floor that fits the aesthetic of their home for many years to come.

This rustic oak herringbone project is yet another success story and a true point of pride for the Lloyd Marsden team of professionals.