Carpet Show Rooms Fleet

There’s nothing nicer than sinking your feet into a soft, fitted carpet, and it certainly pays to invest in a carpet which provides just this. If you’re in need of a new carpet and are looking for a carpet show room in Fleet, then why not pop in and see what we have to offer here at Lloyd Marsden?

A new carpet means that you can say goodbye to the muddy footprints, and the stains left over from the kids. Naturally, you’ll want a carpet which fits your style, taste and budget, and also fits in line with the current décor.

Here at Lloyd Marsden we can supply and install the flooring of your choice. We have an array of samples for you to choose from, and are confident that we have the right carpet for you. Our team are always on hand to offer advice, and install your new flooring for you with no fuss or no hassle.

What’s more, is that we also ensure we cause minimal disruption to you and your family, and always clean up the mess afterwards.

Visit our site today to learn more, or give us a call on 01252 852220.

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