Wood Flooring Retailer Farnham

Do you want to install a new wooden floor? There are many options these days, from real wood flooring to engineered wood to laminate. Your choice will depend on many factors, from cost to the level of maintenance required. Once installed, however, wooden floor is aesthetically pleasing, practical, easy to clean and maintain, and if cared for, will last for many years.

As a wood flooring retailer, Lloyd Marsden can help you choose the right flooring for you. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a new floor, and it often helps to have a wood flooring specialist who can assist you at every stage, providing you with samples and carrying out the installation.

Here at Lloyd Marsden we specialise in the supply and installation of hardwood floors. From laminate to engineered wood to solid wood flooring, we offer the full range, and within these categories there are numerous grades, colours, finishes and thicknesses to choose from. We’ve got something for every preference.

We are suppliers and retailers of vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring as well as carpet, and we install in both commercial and residential premises.

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